The nation is made up of families. There is hardly a family from which at least one member does not deserve a memory in any sense. That is why it is interesting to know the tree that gave such a fruit.

The intention to try to index the registry of the low-land town of Slovenský Komlóš originated in 2015. Gradually, a group of researchers joined forces and formed a team that began working on the first project - indexing (rewriting) the registry records of the lowland village of Slovenský Komlóš into a genealogical program..

From the first project, we moved on to other challenges, we processed registers of other municipalities founded by Slovaks in the 18th and 19th centuries in the Lower Lands. We have prepared a professional publication on the congregation register of Slovenský Komlóš.

Our projects and plans have reached such a dimension that we have decided to present our activities officially: we have established the "Association for Genealogical Research of low-land Slovaks", created a website and made our work accessible to all who are trying to compile their family tree and research in low-land registries after their ancestors.

We are still indexing and processing congregation registries!

Our ancestors settled a large area, established many villages on the low-land, we have an endless amount of work ahead of us..

The indexing of registries is focused on the whole area populated by low-land Slovaks, we started with Békešská and Čanádská counties, we processed registries of Nadlak (Romania), we index the first municipality in Pest county.

We are very interested in cooperating with the descendants of Lower Slovak Slovaks not only in Hungary, but also in Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Croatia. Our team is still open to new members, we are very happy to welcome other collaborators.

At present, our website provides you with an up-to-date database of processed low-floor registries in the "registries" section. The database will be constantly updated with completed new projects.

In addition to the index of registry records and their original scans, our site provides information on current projects and planned activities, social and cultural events.

Our co-workers continuously publish articles and observations from our activities and experience from our work in transcribing registers also at our facebook group "Genealógia dolnozemských Slovákov ".

We also provide consultations and advice on working with registries and solving problems, translations of records from Latin and Hungarian into Slovak and the like.

We believe that the published indexes of registries will be beneficial for you and will help you in researching your ancestors and compiling pedigrees.


We wish you much success.